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KetoCharge or PhenQ - Which Ones Actually Works?

Females have to go through their perils when it comes to weight loss. Menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause squeeze out energy. A hectic routine leaves very less time for hard physical exercises.

Even for women who choose bodybuilding and sports, these hurdles are hard to cross.

Maintaining an ideal weight, gaining muscle and bone strength and burning body fat become tough tasks.

Following a strict diet without supervision can leave them weak and exhausted. Various health issues follow consequently.

There are lots of aids available in the market. Here we are with a review of the two best fat-burning pills that actually work.

 The two fat burning pills in concern here are:-

  1. KetoCharge
  2. PhenQ

Let’s start with our review of the two best fat burner 2022.


KetoCharge Fat Burning Pills

Keto Charge is a fat-burning supplement pill that works on the Ketosis mechanism.

Ketosis is a natural process that can occur naturally in the human body.

When your body turns towards the synthesis of fat for energy rather than Carbohydrates, the procedure is known as Ketosis. It happens when we stop consuming carbs at all during our Keto diet sessions.

This KetoCharge Fat Burning Pill provides more Ketone Salts, in the form of BHBs, than our body can produce naturally to boost fat burning.

Also, when carbohydrate is absent, there is a drop in energy level. KetoCharge supplies a storehouse of energy as a solution.

Let’s start with the ingredients list of Keto Charge the best fat burner for belly fat for female.


KetoCharge Fat Burning Pill Ingredients

Keto Charge has three types of BHBs that are water and fat-soluble. These are also called Ketone Salts. These Beta-hydroxybutyrates are derivatives of Magnesium, Sodium, and Calcium.

They propel the Ketosis in our body for rapid fat burning and also solve the complications in the adaptation of the Keto diet.

We must comprehend them in detail.

  1. Magnesium Beta-hydroxybutyrate- It is your energy source in the absence of Carbohydrates. KetoCharge reviews show that it works amazingly for diabetic patients. Magnesium BHB promotes weight loss, improves cardiovascular health, and prevents the growth of cancerous cells.
  2. Sodium Beta-hydroxybutyrate- This BHB is primarily an energy booster. Our body can break down in the total absence of carbohydrates. Sodium BHB gives a shoot to your physical strength, especially muscle power.
  3. Calcium Beta-hydroxybutyrate- While helping our body to adapt to Ketosis, it makes sure you are mentally fit and alert. It provides fuel for enhancing your workout capacity and keeps you focused as well. Your muscular strength is improved and your heart is healthier.

Let us look for the overall benefits of KetoCharge Fat Burning Pills.


Benefits of KetoCharge Fat Burner

Based on our studies of KetoCharge before and after effects on real consumers, we can count certain advantages of this Fat Burner:-

  • It promotes weight loss. Ketosis burns fat for energy and there is no intake of carbs. As a result, you can lose extra weight fast.
  • KetoCharge boosts your energy levels in the absence of carbohydrates.
  • It enhances your workout capacity to help you become muscular and strong.
  • KetoCharge also improves concentration and releases stress.

With so many Pros do come certain Cons as well. And we must brood both the aspects.


The Drawbacks of KetoCharge

Ketosis is a complex function. Our body takes time to accommodate the sudden changes it faces.

As KetoCharge results show, it might have some after-effects like:-

  • Digestion complication.
  • Occasional dehydration.

After a quick review of KetoCharge Fat Burner, we move on to our next product, PhenQ Fat Burner.


PhenQ Fat Burner Review

PhenQ Fat Burning Pills work on the three-step formula of Fat burning, hunger suppression, and energy-boosting.

The fat burner accelerates metabolism naturally and its ingredients conduct thermogenesis for fat burning. This is a clinically proven solution provided for weight loss in females.

Hunger suppressants curb your snack time cravings. Essential minerals deliver immense energy for the whole day when you are on a low or zero-carb diet.

PhenQ Fat Burner is specially designed for consumers in day-to-day life.

Let us move on to find out what ingredients PhenQ has to execute this task.


PhenQ Fat Burner Ingredients

The ingredients of PhenQ regulate basic metabolism and perform the thermogenic process for fat burning. They also provide for daily energy needs. Here is the list:-

  1. -Lacys Reset- This is an antioxidant containing L-Cysteine. L-Cysteine is a natural hunger suppressant amino acid.
  2. Capsimax Powder- The extract derived from Capsicum executes thermogenic for fat burning.
  3. Caffeine- Caffeine is a well-known source of immense energy that keeps you focused as well.
  4. Chromium and Calcium- They provide energy and stamina to your bones and muscles to support physical labor.

After analysing the components, we can sum up PhenQ Before and After effects. Let us point out the benefits first.


Benefits of PhenQ Fat Burner

PhenQ Fat burner works on various fronts to give you multiple advantages which are as follows:-

  • It aids in weight loss by instigating appetite and curbing amino acids.
  • Minerals and proteins serve for vitality and energy in case of a low carb intake.
  • Thermogenic technology melts fat faster to shred extra lobes from the belly and thigh area.

The next question in concern is about any bad PhenQ Results. Are there any probable side effects too?


Probable Downsides of PhenQ

PhenQ Fat Burner Pills are made of all-natural components. They instigate fat burning naturally by temperature increase and metabolic smoothness. There are no toxic or synthetic chemicals to harm your health. This product is safe for consumption.



To conclude, both KetoCharge and PhenQ are superb options for winning the title of the best fat burner 2022. Their execution and aims are a bit different.

While KetoCharge targets providing immense energy for muscle building also, the sole purpose of PhenQ is weight loss. Taking the advice of health experts, however, is a mandatory step. Choose according to the goals you set for yourself.

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